Reasons Why You Need a Martingale Collar

Before I get ahead of myself, maybe I should start by explaining what a martingale collar is. A martingale collar provides extra control when you are walking your dog. It tightens up slightly when your dog pulls on the leash but not so much that it will choke him. The collar itself has an extra loop, available in fabric or chain,  that our regular collars do not and this is where the leash is attached. 
If you're asking yourself why you may need one, please, allow me to explain.
1. Leash Training
If your doggo likes to pull on the leash, the martingale collar will slightly tighten up and release tension once the dog stops pulling. Don't worry, this does not hurt or harm your dog in anyway. If you prefer to give your dog a slight tug when their manners aren't up to par, this collar allows for that too. 
2. No Slipping Free on Your Walkies
Some dogs are absolute pros at slipping out or backing out of their collars. The martingale collar can help you avoid having to chase your dog all over the neighborhood. I'm sure we all know how fun that is. 
3. They Don't Hurt
Martingales are a much gentler option when it comes to training collars. No prongs, no choking. Just a gentle tug to get your pup back in line. 
4. They Look AMAZING
Your pup will look absolutely stylish all while learning to mind their manners! What's better than that?

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